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Lambskin Jackets

Typically, a quality jacket made from lambskin will provide you with years of warmth and protection from the wind and cold. You should treat your jacket immediately after purchasing and a couple times each year while you own it using a leather protector.

Just like other leathers, your lamb leather jacket will also need to be conditioned. Be sure to stay away from anything that contains mineral oil or petroleum, as well as conditioners that are heavy and greasy. Instead, you want a polish that will penetrate the fibers of the leather.

An excellent brand is called Lexol which will help condition and moisturize your jacket. When choosing polishes, make sure it does not contain any type of coloring agent that could cause a stain or discoloration.

Additionally, some polishes such as waxes or silicon-based products will actually damage your jacket by clogging the leather pores. Although Mink Oil or other types of animal fats are generally good choices, they can darken the color of your lambskin jacket.

Lambskin and Moisture

Lambskin is softer than other leathers so it requires some extra care. The leather is extremely warm, making it a great choice for cold climates. However, if you get your lambskin wet, be sure to hang it up away from anything else, allowing it to dry completely.

Because lamb leather can spot from rain or snow, carefully rub the stain with an emery board or rubber suede eraser carefully, but do not towel dry. Your best bet is to use a quality protector twice a year An excellent brand is ITA Protector which can be used to protect other types of leather as well. Try this site - www.Shearlings.com

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