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Leather Care & Types

Leather Care & Leather Types : There are numerous types of leather, and knowing that ahead of time can save headaches.

Wrinkles in Leather

Leather Garment Wrinkles : How to get wrinkles out of a leather garment..

Leather Jacket Care

Caring For Your Leather Jacket : How to keep your leather jacket looking good & lasting longer.

Leather Sofa Care

TLC For Your Leather Sofa : Leather sofa maintenance every so often for a longer life.

Shaping Leather

Shaping Leather : Discover the secret to leather strength, shaping and hardening. Adorn a box with carved leather, moulded to fit.

Shearling Care

Extra Care Needed For Shearling : Shearling is a speciality leather that needs pampering.

Caring For Leather Shoes

Leather Shoes : Taking care of your leather shoes makes them look better and last longer, saving money and making you look good at the same time.

Simple Stains and Smells

Simple Stains and Smells : Here's how to get some of those stains and smells out of your good leathers using common household stuff you can easily find.

Nasty Stains and Smells

Nasty Stains and Smells : Here's how to get most nasty stains and smells out of leather with simple methods you can use yourself.