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Leather Car Seats

There is nothing classier than a car with leather car seats. However just like a leather jacket, leather car seats will start to sag and crease over time. There are two options if you find yourself in this situation.

1: you can hire a professional to redo the interior or...

2: you can do it yourself. (If you know what you're doing and have the right tools)

Amazingly, there are actually several options. If your leather car seats are salvageable you could try different conditioners and oils to bring it back, but if the're too badly worn you're better off replacing them.

Replacing a leather car seat is a job for the pros, but if you feel like hunting down your own material here are two places to look.

Brettuns Village Leather

Here you'll find goat, cowhide, and several exotic leather hides. The selection covers a wide range of grade, color, size, and thickness. All of the leather purchased comes from leather goods manufacturers and tanneries located in England as well as other countries. Based in Auburn, Maine in the United States, Brettuns Village offers free shipping to US customers. Their website is... Brettuns Village

Neumann Leathers

This is one of the oldest leather suppliers in the UK. They sell everything from shoe leathers to automotive hides. They keep a great variety in stock that includes sheepskins, kid and pigskin, cowhide, splits, and suede. They also offer a great selection of colors and prints that have been designed specifically for leather car seats. You can visit them at their website... Neumann Leather

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