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Leather Repair Kits

Leather is often used in furniture and clothing and is a classic and durable material enjoyed by almost everyone for its many uses. What is also wonderful about leather is that there are plenty of simple repair kits for nicks, tears, rips and gashes. Prices for highly recommended repair kits are usually about $50, but start as low as $15.

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Buying a kit is always a good option, especially when taking your leather to a professional could cost you at least $65, and could easily get into the $800 range, depending on the item. Most leather repair kits are somewhat universal.

The same kit you buy to repair your leather jacket can often be used on your leather recliner. Leather repair can be a simple process if one checks for a few key ingredients before purchasing.

Check The Contents

Make sure that any kit you buy includes all of the basic elements that you will need. A kit should let you know how much it contains, so you can know ahead of time that you will have enough product for the repair job you are doing.

A simple kit should include various foam applicators and a tray, so you have a place to mix your compounds and colors. A kit which has just a range of a specific color, along with recommendations for mixing shades to get it just right, can sometimes be purchased so you only get the color you need. The surfaces for many crafts and projects need to be prepped before being repaired.

Leather is the same way. Your kit should contain some alcohol pads, or a cleaner, which will remove the leather of all dirt or grime, which could affect how well your repair job proceeds. If your leather has rips, sub-patch materials, adhesives and sand paper will often be necessary.

These items usually come with a standard leather repair kit. A few simple kits include a leather conditioner as a bonus, which is recommended for protecting leather from getting dry and cracked.

Liquid Leather Repair

Liquid leather repair kits are also an option and can be found for as little as $15. This process uses a heat tool, spatula, backing fabric, and colors to give the appearance of real leather. The backing fabric is important because the compound will need something to adhere to in order to really work.

Some will include re-usable grain papers to reproduce the appearance of textured or grainy leather. Spending a little extra on a better kit which includes a quality heat tool will be important if you decide to use a liquid kit.

There are also liquid repair kits which do not use heat, in case one is worried about treating antique or old leather. The no-heat kits also include texture packets, adhesives and colors.

Read The Directions Before Buying

A good leather repair kit will include the color you need, the correct amounts of colors and compounds, quality heat tools or applicators, backing fabric and sometimes cleaners and conditioners. A simple kit is one that provides you with step-by-step instructions which can be applied to any job. If you are trying to spend a little less on a kit, make sure it will include everything you need and, if possible, directions that make sense to you.

Mixing colors to exactly match your furniture, clothes or accessories is something you want to make sure you can do with the kit you have. Bad directions can make what seems like a simple process, a total headache. Make sure that the directions include a chart showing how much of the compounds and colors to use depending on the size of the area you are repairing.

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