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Stains and Rips

Purses, jackets, accessories and furniture made of leather can last for years with the proper treatment. It is a material which is meant to be durable, yet can still be the victim of rips and stains. Whether your four-year-old became creative with the scissors or a permanent marker bled through your front pocket, there are many solutions to restore leather back to a new, or nearly-new condition.

Taking leather to an expert repair person can be expensive, so many people are opting for simple leather repair kits. A kit which includes clear directions can be the key to cost-effectively repairing leather goods.

Use A Gentle Cleaner

The trick with getting a stain out of leather is that you do not want to affect the color or texture of the leather under the stain. Luckily, most leather is forgiving of a little moisture because it needs occasional conditioning to keep it from cracking, as well as some cleaning, so that it maintains its vibrancy. There are several items which an easy-to-use leather repair kit for stains should include to ensure that your leather’s unique surface is not compromised.

The key ingredients are a gentle cleaner, sometimes made from pure glycerin, a conditioner to keep the leather’s natural softness, the stain remover itself, and sponges for applying the stain remover. A polishing cloth is also a handy addition to any stain removing leather repair kit. Many kits include a powerful ink or spot remover for difficult areas.

If the stain is old or stubborn, then purchasing a kit with the ink/spot remover is most likely going to be necessary. A household or car that is prone to spills could benefit from a bottle of water proffer, which is included in some kits as well.

Many of the products in a stain repair kit will specify whether it can be used on treated or non-treated leather. Kits made especially for aniline (or mostly non-protected or non-treated leather), should contain all of the same elements as one for protected leather.

Find The Right Repair Kit

For rips and gashes, an entire range of repair kits exist which are simple to use. Leather can withstand the liquid leather repair kits which sometimes use heat to adhere to a combination of backing, or patching, with a blend of colors matched to the piece you need to repair. There are also regular patching kits which will include similar items to the liquid kits.

Any of the above should include colors, applicator tools, compounds, backing patches, re-useable grain paper to simulate grainy textures, and adhesives. If you have a combination of stains and rips on a leather item, then you can even buy kits which include all of the items you would need for a stain, as well as those for holes and tears.

Make sure that you will have enough color options available in a kit so you can make the shade you need. A kit should tell you the amount of adhesives which it provides and the size of its patching backs.

Some kits will give you everything you need for repairing a rip combined with the estimated colors you will need to get your shade, rather than a tiny amount of many colors. Buy the kit which includes the protective conditioners and weather proffers if you do not already have them.

After you clean your rip or stain, you will probably want to clean the entire item for consistency anyway. The key to the simplicity in a leather repair kit is that it includes simple and well thought out instructions which explain how to use every item in your kit, whether it is a small or large job.

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