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Finish Categories

Leather Finishes : Leather is finished in a variety of ways, each of which leaves a different texture.

Full Grain Leather

Leather Care & Leather Types : Top Quality Leather : Full grain leather is the best quality leather you can buy.

Leather Prices

Prices on Leather Vary : Knowing the weights, types and quality of leather will make it easy to get the best prices when negotiating.

Leather Tanning

Tanning Processes : Different tanning proccesses produce dfferent quality leathers.

Sewing Leather

Sewing Leather : Take care when sewing leather. It can get away on you causing irrepairable holes.


Tips For Suede : Suede can be easy to keep clean if you know what you can and can't do to it.

Tack and Saddle

Western Gear : A shirt history of equine and places to look online for Tack & Saddle gear.

Types of Leather 2

Description of Leather Types : Go a little more in depth on leather types, quality and origins.

Understanding Leather

Leather Products & What They're For : What to beware of, what works and where to get it.